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Please note that at The Matrix Repatterning Therapy Center of Minnesota we do not accept insurance for payment of services. Treating one person per hour has allowed us to focus on outside of the box types of results for difficult cases. In order to be able to do this we have learned that we must operate outside of the third party reimbursement system whose payments can be arbitrary. Our focus, commitment and relationship are with our clients. Remember, since this care is not frequency dependent, you may come in less frequently to enhance affordability. Most HSA's and cafeteria type health plans reimburse you for this care. Payment options include Credit Cards, HSA cards, checks and cash at your time of visit

We offer Matrix Repatterning Therapy

Matrix Repatterning Therapy (MRT) is a revolutionary new gentle, hands-on approach to healing impact injuries... a new understanding of how the body reacts to injury from a lifetime of physical impacts and how to relieve the resulting pain patterns in a very effective way.

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Matrix Repatterning (MRT)

MRT permanently relieves physical tension in the frame of the body, bringing profound changes to frustrating conditions to people with frustrating conditions.

MRT & TBI/Concussion Therapy

MRT allows the brain to heal by effectively relieving the physical tension in the skull that comes from the injury that causes concussion.

About Us

Our certified practitioners, Dr. Rosamilia, DC, CMRP and Dr. Stella, DC, CMRP have a combined 60 years of experience using a variety of approaches to help people attain their health goals. They have extensive, up-to-date training in a revolutionary, cutting-edge form of care called Matrix Repatterning Therapy. This is their primary care of choice because of the exciting results it brings to their clients. They will call you before your first visit to ensure you are a great candidate.

Who is MRT for?

 No matter what caused your condition - work, sports, recreation or something else - we welcome the chance to serve you. 

Videos and Endorsements 

Watch more explanatory videos above and more at our videos link to learn more about MRT and check out the link to purchase “A Brain’s Way of Healing” to the right, written by a renowned brain expert who recommends MRT as “a first line of treatment for most concussions.”

Then click to learn more about MRT, and its founder. 

Client MRT Testimonials

Sorry Insurance not accepted. Please pay at time of visit.

60 years of combined experience helping people live better lives

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The Nuts and Bolts of Matrix Repatterning Therapy

An in-depth interview with Dr. Andy Stella, DC, CMRP about the intricacies of MRT and how it can help people in pain.

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MRT Endorsed as a First Line Therapy for Most Concussions

Dr. Doidge, M.D. is an author of two bestselling books about the brain and world renowned expert on the field of neuroplasticity.

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Testimonials do not guarantee results. Every concussion case is different and we can’t control all factors involved in a person’s healing path.

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Scheduling & Fees

  • People in middle age to help regain the active life they once had
  • Athletes who aren’t recovering from injuries
  • Young adults who feel much older than they are
  • Children who’ve had impacts to prevent future body issues
  • Seniors who want to look forward to how their body can work for them
  • Concussion sufferers, chronic and acute
  • Anyone who is finding that more traditional forms of care are not working for them anymore

How can MRT help me? 

  • Through a series of gentle, one-hour hands on treatments
  • Methodically relieves deep framework tension in a more permanent fashion
  • Most require between 6 and 12 one-hour treatments
  • Relieves the physical strain from the impact that causes a concussion

How many visits will I need? 

We will, of course, have to do a consultation and examination first before we determine how many visits you will need. Simpler adult cases may need 6 or 7 one-hour treatments and more complex cases may need 11 or 12. Very complex cases with high levels of impact injuries may certainly need more.

How often do I need to come in?

Unlike other forms of care, MRT is not dependent on frequency. Most clients come in once per week and others more or less frequently depending on scheduling and financial factors. We’ve seen plenty of people who have scheduled every two or three weeks to be able to afford the work or because that is what the schedule allows.

Does it hurt to receive MRT?

MRT is very gentle hands-on bodywork therapy. Most clients, at first, find it hard to believe that such gentle treatment can make important changes in your body. However, it makes a profound change in your body as it relieves deep underlying tension patterns in your body and it can lead to temporary pain patterns as your body adjusts to the changes after treatment. 

How is your work different than other forms of concussion care?

Remember, a concussion is an impact injury. We work on the premise that the impact injury had to change something physically for things to have changed. In other words, in order to have symptoms something had to change when the head impact happened. We call it a physical strain pattern and we relieve that strain pattern with a gentle, hands on technique that alleviates deep tension 


from impact. Dr. Norman Doidge, MD, renowned expert in brain neuroplasticity, recommends MRT as a “first intervention for most concussions” after he did a thorough personal investigation of this work. Other forms of concussion care are generally working on the symptoms of concussion. We, and Dr Doidge, say, relieve the physical strain pattern first.

Do you accept insurance as a form of payment?

No. This is a one-time (series of treatments) investment in transforming your chronic patterns or concussion. Treating one client per hour and a few people per day does not allow us to accept an arbitrary form of payment for services. Insurance reimbursement is arbitrary and we cannot make up for arbitrary reimbursement by seeing more clients per hour. And we do not desire the necessity for higher fee’s to make up for the time and cost of tracking down insurance reimbursement. HAS’s’s and Cafeteria Plans generally reimburse for this therapy. You may submit receipts for insurance, but as an alternative therapy, reimbursement rates are minimal and arbitrary.

May I come in and try a few visits?

We fully recognize that it is a tough decision to invest in a therapy without understanding or experiencing it. MRT, by its nature of relieving tension step by step in the frame of the body, is not designed to bring step by step results. By relieving just a little of the tension in the frame of a musical instrument, for instance, you would not be able to judge the ultimate outcome by an incomplete job. It is the same with MRT. Getting paid to treat people a few times and not helping them is not our goal. However, making a living by finishing and transforming and changing lives is a joy!

Our New Location in the Baker Court Office Bldg

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Matrix Repatterning Therapy  

In For 25+ years, I sought out numerous modalities and spent tens of thousands of dollars to keep myself as functional as possible, however I kept running into musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Because of Matrix Repatterning Therapy, I now live with amazing range of motion in my neck, torso and pelvis, and finally my body is consistently responsive to my attempts to help it remember these new more functional patterns. 

I have regained quality of life that has alluded me for most of my adult life. Incredible!  L.M.


Matrix Repatterning Therapy  

Over 18 years of living with chronic pain throughout my body from several injuries, I spent countless dollars on chiropractic, physical therapy, and many other treatments. 

Nothing has helped me as much as Matrix Repatterning. It's such a miracle that I can't believe it's not available everywhere!

From the North, Northeast or Northwest: 

Take 35W south to Hwy 280, then take the Territorial Road / University Ave exit. Make your first left onto Territorial Road and proceed 3/10 mile to Baker Court Office Building parking lot on your left just before you get to Raymond Ave.

From South, West and Southwest: 

Take 35W North or 394 East to 94 East towards St. Paul. Once you pass the Huron Ave exit, get into the left lane for left lane exit to Hwy 280. Immediately bear right onto the University Ave. exit. Proceed straight through Franklin Ave and University Ave, then make your next right onto Territorial Rd. Make a right onto Territorial Road and proceed 2/10 mile to Baker Court Office Building parking lot on your left just before you get to Raymond Ave. 

From the East: 

Take 94 East to Hwy 280. Exit onto 280 and immediately bear right onto the University Ave. exit. Proceed straight through Franklin Ave and University Ave, then make your next right onto Territorial Rd. Make a right onto Territorial Road and proceed 2/10 mile to Baker Court Office Building parking lot on your left just before you get to Raymond Ave.

821 Raymond Ave. #260, St. Paul, MN 55114 -- just off of University and 280

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Back pain relief at Matrix Repatterning Center of MN 651-493-9650 from Peter Nicholas Liptak on Vimeo.

The Nuts and Bolts of Matrix Repatterning Therapy
An in-depth interview with Dr. Andy Stella, DC, CMRP about the intricacies of MRT and how it can help people in pain.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

A New Paradigm in Pain Treatment

Matrix Repatterning Therapy (MRT) is a new paradigm in understanding how the body reacts to a lifetime of hard, physical impacts and how to relieve the tension from those impacts.

It is a gentle, profound and revolutionary form of hands on healing that explains why so many people have physical issues and pain that require repetitive treatment, including those with ongoing concussion symptoms, and how to more permanently relieve the tension that is causing those issues.

Our primary treatment is very gentle, yet profound hands-on Matrix Repatterning Therapy

Say Goodbye to Repetitive Care 

A lifetime of harsh collisions, bumps, bangs, & knocks to your body (falling on ice, down stairs, falls off bicycles or horses, car accidents, etc.…) creates a seemingly permanent tension pattern in many people, which leads to chronic pain and dysfunction that can require repetitive care, often for years. 

Mostly, that care is directed toward the “soft and moving parts of the body,” the muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints and fascia. When that doesn’t seem to be doing the job anymore, you might want to consider Matrix Repatterning Therapy, as it could be the answer for you.

ReFraming the Question 

Consider a violin that is constantly going out of tune. The strings aren’t holding… Eventually, someone finally decides to evaluate the frame of the violin. And when they do, they determine that the strings (the ‘soft and moving parts’ of the violin) are constantly going out of tune because there is tension in the dense, wooden frame.

It would then make sense to relieve the frame of its’ tension, rather than continuing to retune strings. Only after relieving the frame’s tension, would the strings be able to hold tune better and longer and the violin will be able to function at a much higher level.  If you would like to function at a higher level we’d love to work with you.

Better Function and Less Pain

MRT works on the premise that harsh impacts to the body create an “expansion tension” within the frame of your body, primarily the bones themselves. This expansion tension is measurable, and recent independent research has validated that MRT’s theory is entirely accurate

This revolutionary form of hands on bodywork gently relieves this tension in the frame of the body in a series of gentle hands on treatments. The majority of cases require somewhere between 6 and 12 one-hour hands on treatments (often less for younger people who have experienced less impact trauma over time, and sometimes more for very complex cases that have had a high number of significant impacts). 

After MRT, most people experience much better function and less pain without the need for ongoing MRT treatments. Moving forward you will have a different relationship with your other bodyworkers / chiropractors / caretakers as they will be able to help you maintain your health with much less care needed than before MRT. 

Remember, once the “frame of the violin” is fixed, the “strings” will still need to be taken care of occasionally as normal life resumes and brings normal stressors upon our bodies.

Moving Forward with Science

This work was developed over 30 years ago by Dr. George Roth, D.C., N.D. in Toronto, Canada, as he was studying the cellular tensegrity structure of all cells in the body (See the research of Donald Ingber, Phd, Harvard University) just as he was introduced to the anatomical tensegrity theories of Dr.  Stephen Levin, M.D.  at Michigan State University at the time. 

Dr. Roth saw that our bodies had a universal tensegrity design that was at all levels of our anatomy, down to the cellular scale. If this was how the body was really built, maybe that was a clue to how we could treat the body differently. 

His ability to integrate and apply Dr. Ingber’s research and Dr. Levin’s theories into a simple, hands on approach to care, has helped many people move forward to a better life.

A 2½ Min Video On How MRT Can Help That Will Change Your Life

Nerve tension is pain that occurs because a nerve is being compressed or stuck in its surrounding tissue... 

Watch the video

Matrix Repatterning Therapy - Dr. Andy Stella, DC, CMRP explains how Matrix Repattering can help you. from Peter Nicholas Liptak on Vimeo.

A 2½ Min Video On How MRT Can Help That Will Change Your Life.
Dr. Andy Stella D.C. describing Matrix Repatterning Therapy and its benefits. Revolutionary: Matrix Repatterning Therapy (MRT) is a revolutionary new approach to relieving our bodily pain and movement restrictions. Why is it revolutionary? Because it is recognizing and treating an aspect of our injuries that has only recently been known to exist. MRT detects, treats and relieves physical tension on the cellular level, alleviating deep tension that has been causing problems that we have felt in our neuromusculoskeletal system (nerves, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons). If you have pain patterns or movement restrictions that don't go away or continuously return, if you need constant care in order to maintain, and if you wonder why you are not doing better, maybe it is because there is an underlying problem that has not been addressed. Tensegrity Cells: MRT starts by recognizing that every interconnected cell in our body is a tensegrity structure. Tensegrity means tensional integrity. It's a perfect balance between strength and flexibility, and dissipates force evenly throughout the structure. Our cells, which undergird our body's structure (of course!), are amazingly strong and flexible; AND they form a continuous interconnected 3-dimensional matrix web, which is our body. Tensegrity makes our bodies much stronger and more flexible. The pulley-and-lever system (muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons) is much stronger and more flexible because this tensegrity system is its foundation within the structure of our interconnected cells. This tensegrity system helps protect us from injuries, helps hold us up against gravity, helps us move more fluidly, and keeps the acrobats at Cirque du Soliel from breaking in two! But every design has its engineering limits. With our tensegrity cells limits come from impact-injury energy (like the energy your pelvic bone absorbs when you slip and fall on the ice). When there is enough energy from the impact the tensegrity cells in the densest tissues of the body (bones and fluid filled organs like your spleen or liver) will sort of blow out into a rigid tension state. A whole region of interconnected cells, was once strong and flexible, is now more rigid and weak. This rigidity or tension now transmits through connective tissue and acts as a tether to the soft, moving tissues (muscles, joints etc..) where pain and movement restrictions are felt. Traditionally, almost all treatment is aimed at these soft, moving tissues. However, if there is a cellular tensegrity injury, the results from traditional treatment will be limited. A New Look at Injuries: A lifetime of these injuries accumulate in our body, many of which we never considered as injuries, yet, the effect is there, and it may manifest in other parts of the body as pain and dysfunction. Think about this: If I pull down at the bottom of your sweater, and it limits your shoulder movement, do you have a shoulder problem or a tension problem at the level of your waist? Pretty obvious, isn't it? That's the type of effect these injuries can have on your body. Repair: MRT relieves the deep tension within the injured tensegrity cell system by using gentle hands-on compression around the injured region. A reliable exam shows where these injuries are. Treatment is permanent because we are bringing cell structure back to normal. Most people require from 6 to 10 treatments, depending on the complexity of their impact-trauma history. How many car accidents, falls, sports injuries, etc, has one had? We don't always remember all of these injuries because we may not have thought of them as injuries when they happened, however it is always interesting how people remember them as we find the injured areas. Some clients may need to return for one or two more treatments over the ensuing months to insure completion and optimal benefit, especially if they have a complex impact-injury history. Rinished: After MRT, most people will function at a much higher plateau than before MRT. There are many factors involved with people's pain patterns. Attention to those factors brings better results than they have ever experienced. Disc herniations, arthritis, emotional stress, poor diet, and postural stress all contribute to pain. Certainly, if they are a part of your pain and dysfunction pattern, they will need to be dealt with. After MRT is complete we can communicate with your other body-care practitioners or help you find higher levels of wellness at Benessere with our team of chiropractors, neuromuscular therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and trainers. Other forms of care will be much more efficient when the tethers of the tensegrity injuries have been relieved.

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Matrix Repatterning Therapy  

Matrix Repatterning removed the tension of my old injuries.  I move more freely now. I'm thrilled as I wasn't sure if I could improve more than I had. 

Matrix Repatterning took me beyond what I thought was possible in a very gentle way.  It's unlike any other bodywork I've experienced.  It's unusual in that the released tension stays released and hasn't come back. I'm not fighting against tension patterns any longer.  It's like body de-cluttering.

Denise G

Matrix Repatterning Therapy  

I would like to thank Dr Andy Stella aka the “bone whisperer” for the miracle. Matrix Repatterning miracle relieved my body of 38 years of chronic neck pain, concussion symptoms, and headaches. 

I had tried every traditional and alternative medical treatment with no permanent relief. Thank you