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There Really is Help for Concussions

By Andy Stella, DC, CMRP

My Introduction to a Different Way of Looking at the Body

Even though I love chiropractic and I was very good at it, it always bothered me that a big part of our practice model is the idea of creating patients for life. I knew we could bring people to an improved level of function but, in order to keep them there, it seemed that we were obliged to see them endlessly. Like most of my colleagues, I would tell people they needed to come back, every week, then every two weeks, then every four weeks or six weeks or eight or ten weeks… whatever it was for that person, and that would keep them on that plateau. Without that, they always seemed to return to their old pattern...

About Us

Matrix Repatterning Therapy Center of Minnesota is a premium therapy and rehabilitation clinic specializing in Matrix Repatterning therapy to help those in pain and suffering from TBI, concussions and other injuries. 

Fees & Scheduling

Meet our Practitioners

Dr. Andy Stella, DC, CMRP

MRT Concussion Therapy

Dr. Stella a chiropractor since 1988, has been practicing Matrix Repat-terning Therapy since 2003 and is one of the more experienced Matrix Repatterning Therapy Prac-titioners in North America... 

Dr. Barbara Rosamilia, DC, CMRP

MRT Therapy

A chiropractic physician since 1988, Dr. Rosa-milia is a candidate for certification as a Matrix Repatterning Therapy Practitioner, has advanced training in Craniosacral Therapy, the neurologic integration of childhood learning & behav-ioral disorders, nutrition, acupuncture, qigong and Shafaw...

More About Dr. Stella

More About Dr. Rosamilia

Videos and Endorsements 

Watch more explanatory videos at our videos link to learn more about MRT and check out the link to purchase “A Brain’s Way of Healing” below, written by a renowned brain expert who recom-mends MRT as “a first line of treatment for most con-cussions.” 

Then take a moment and go to to learn more about MRT, and its founder. 

MRT Endorsed as a First Line Therapy for Most Concussions

Dr. Doidge, M.D. is an author of two bestselling books about the brain and world renowned expert on the field of neuroplasticity.

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Digging Deeper About Why We Don’t Accept Insurance

By Andy Stella, DC, CMRP

Before we dig into the reasons that we don’t accept insurance...

at The Matrix Repatterning Therapy Center of Minnesota let's list a few phrases and ideas that we will expand upon and then tie together. They are: "Usual and Customary" services, Understanding an Insurance Adjusters Real Job, How Much it Costs to File and Attempt to Collect Insurance Payments, and, How That Effects the Time and Attention You get From the Doctor and What That Costs...


Do You Treat… (Fill in Condition Here)?

By Andy Stella, DC, CMRP

Even As Matrix Repatterning Therapists we often are asked if we treat an array of conditions or specific diagnoses. 

Often it is because someone has experienced “outside the box” types of results and want someone they care about to receive similar results. It can also be partly because it can be difficult for people to grasp just what Matrix Repatterning Therapy is because, although the concept is quite simple, it is so different than how everyone else looks at the body and injuries. That makes it hard to understand what it may or may not help. So, when we are asked, “do you treat Parkinson’s or Dementia, or Heart Arrythmias, etc., we generally give a very similar answer. 

The answer is “No, but…..”. Let us explain...

Covid-19 Precautions Update

By Andy Stella, DC, CMRP

At Matrix Repatterning of MN, we are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our patients during these unprecedented times. 

Dr. Barbara and Dr. Andy would like to update you on the precautions we are taking at our office in relation to the Coronavirus. We are currently planning on staying open and planning on using hygienic practices to minimize risk. Like you, we are evaluating the situation hour by hour and day by day and will post changes if and when they happen.