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Please note that at The Matrix Repatterning Therapy Center of Minnesota we do not accept insurance for payment of services. Treating one person per hour has allowed us to focus on outside of the box types of results for difficult cases. In order to be able to do this we have learned that we must operate outside of the third party reimbursement system whose payments can be arbitrary. Our focus, commitment and relationship are with our clients. Remember, since this care is not frequency dependent, you may come in less frequently to enhance affordability. Most HSA's and cafeteria type health plans reimburse you for this care. Payment options include Credit Cards, HSA cards, checks and cash at your time of visit

 No matter what caused your condition - work, sports, recreation or something else - we welcome the chance to serve you. 

Excerpts from our Client Concussion Testimonials

Sorry Insurance not accepted. Please pay at time of visit.


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MRT Endorsed as a First Line Therapy for Most Concussions

Dr. Doidge recommended Matrix Repatterning Therapy (MRT) as “a first line of treatment for many concussions” and “could foresee the day that Matrix Repatterning Therapy would be available in hospital emergency rooms.” 

He wrote this after a multi-year dialogue with the founder of this work, Dr. George Roth, D.C., N.D. He also observed many people with concussions being treated with this work, interviewed a number of people helped by this therapy and even took the class himself to learn how to apply this therapy before making such an emphatic recommendation.

You see, Dr. Doidge, through his in-depth personal investigation, came to understand that if the head had an impact injury that caused a change (or symptoms) then something must have changed in the head. 

Through his investigation he also came to understand that this work had a unique understanding of what the physical injury actually is and how Matrix Repatterning Therapy relieves that injury. 

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Testimonials do not guarantee results. Every concussion case is different and we can’t control all factors involved in a person’s healing path.

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Scheduling & Fees

How many visits will I need? 

We will, of course, have to do a consultation and examination first before we determine how many visits you will need. Simpler adult cases may need 6 or 7 one-hour treatments and more complex cases may need 11 or 12. Very complex cases with high levels of impact injuries may certainly need more.

How often do I need to come in?

Unlike other forms of care, MRT is not dependent on frequency. Most clients come in once per week and others more or less frequently depending on scheduling and financial factors. We’ve seen plenty of people who have scheduled every two or three weeks to be able to afford the work or because that is what the schedule allows.

Does it hurt to receive MRT?

MRT is very gentle hands-on bodywork therapy. Most clients, at first, find it hard to believe that such gentle treatment can make important changes in your body. However, it makes a profound change in your body as it relieves deep underlying tension patterns in your body and it can lead to temporary pain patterns as your body adjusts to the changes after treatment. 

How is your work different than other forms of concussion care?

Remember, a concussion is an impact injury. We work on the premise that the impact injury had to change something physically for things to have changed. In other words, in order to have symptoms something had to change when the head impact happened. We call it a physical strain pattern and we relieve that strain pattern with a gentle, hands on technique that alleviates deep tension 


from impact. Dr. Norman Doidge, MD, renowned expert in brain neuroplasticity, recommends MRT as a “first intervention for most concussions” after he did a thorough personal investigation of this work. Other forms of concussion care are generally working on the symptoms of concussion. We, and Dr Doidge, say, relieve the physical strain pattern first.

Do you accept insurance as a form of payment?

No. This is a one-time (series of treatments) investment in transforming your chronic patterns or concussion. Treating one client per hour and a few people per day does not allow us to accept an arbitrary form of payment for services. Insurance reimbursement is arbitrary and we cannot make up for arbitrary reimbursement by seeing more clients per hour. And we do not desire the necessity for higher fee’s to make up for the time and cost of tracking down insurance reimbursement. HAS’s’s and Cafeteria Plans generally reimburse for this therapy. You may submit receipts for insurance, but as an alternative therapy, reimbursement rates are minimal and arbitrary.

May I come in and try a few visits?

We fully recognize that it is a tough decision to invest in a therapy without understanding or experiencing it. MRT, by its nature of relieving tension step by step in the frame of the body, is not designed to bring step by step results. By relieving just a little of the tension in the frame of a musical instrument, for instance, you would not be able to judge the ultimate outcome by an incomplete job. It is the same with MRT. Getting paid to treat people a few times and not helping them is not our goal. However, making a living by finishing and transforming and changing lives is a joy!

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Concussion, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and You

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from the symptoms of a concussion, or multiple concussions, it can be a confusing and sometimes frustrating time as you decide where to get the appropriate help. 

A majority of concussions seem to resolve in a few days to a few weeks. However, there still are many that simply do not. And the people affected begin to seek answers and help.

Matrix Repatterning Therapy relieves the physical strain of the impact that cause the concussion.

Where to begin?  

There are many options out there from neurologists to medical based Concussion (TBI) Centers to different forms of alternative care like chiropractic, acupuncture and cranial sacral therapy. But where does one start? 

First, it is prudent to see your neurologist for examination and the need for possible diagnostic imaging as soon as possible. But then, imagine if a medical doctor who is a world-renowned expert in the field of neuroplasticity, an Ivy League professor, a professor at the University of Toronto and author of two bestselling books on brain healing, already did the investigation for you?...

Recently, Dr. Norman Doidge, M.D., did just that in his newest book, “The Brain’s Way of Healing”.  

Treating the Actual Injury 

Most other forms of therapy are either treating secondary ramifications of the impact (vertebrae out of alignment or sore or weak muscles for instance) or trying to retrain symptoms (neurological types of therapy) with the original injury still intact… Or, medications are prescribed. Yet there are no concussion/TBI medications, so medications are given for symptom suppression, not to help the concussion heal.

MATRIX REPATTERNING THERAPY relieves the physical strain of the impact that cause the concussion. At the Matrix Repatterning Therapy Center of Minnesota we have treated well over 150 people with concussions including cases from all corners of the U.S. and from Canada, working almost entirely on a referral basis. 

Matrix Repatterning Therapy does not “cure” a concussion, but it relieves the physical tension that we believe is causing the symptoms and it has given many people their lives back after suffering for many months to many years. 

Gentle, Profound Therapy

Our primary treatment is very gentle, yet profound hands on therapy; Matrix Repatterning Therapy.

Please call us to have your questions answered and to set up your first appointments at 651-493-9650.

 Jenn B

Concussion Therapy Treatment 

Over the course of 14 months my then high school aged daughter sustained 3 concussions… She suffered from crippling chronic migraines, vision problems, digestive issues, and autonomic nervous system problems…

Dr. Andy was the first doctor who talked TO my daughter instead of over her… I truly believe he saved my daughter’s life. He rescued her from the chronic pain, despair, & the debilitating symptoms of her concussions. We will be forever grateful for his kindness, compassion, professionalism, and dedication to healing concussions. 

-- see full testimonial

Leah H 

Concussion Therapy Treatment 

Using Matrix Repatterning Therapy, Dr. Andy was able to relieve my 17 year old son of concussion symptoms in 4 visits. 

Prior to starting treatment with Dr. Andy, we had spent more than $15,000 and 6 months on medical and holistic concussion treatments and saw very minimal progress. Within weeks of completing MRT, my son was able to go to his high school prom, take college entrance exams and be a normal teenager doing all things that he physically hadn’t been able to do for 7 long months.

Chad N 

Concussion Therapy Treatment 

After playing hockey most of my life I received my share of bumps and bruises not to mention several concussions. After receiving another concussion a year ago, I experienced several motor skill issues such as short term memory loss, hard time focusing, exhaustion, and a hard time keeping my balance.

I went to see Dr. Andy Stella and after the first visit I started to see results. In fact after seeing Dr. Andy Stella I have to say my body has not felt this good since I was a teenager!

I highly recommend Dr Andy Stella to anyone that has experienced ANY physical trauma in their life. Thanks for giving me back control of my life again Dr Andy!

Alisha M 

Concussion Therapy Treatment 

I experienced a concussion about a year ago and for 8 months the doctors told me to take it easy and let it “heal.” During that 8 month period I had bouts of dizziness, difficulty concentrating, my head ached all the time, and felt like I was in a fog constantly.

Kay referred me to Dr Andy Stella. After just one treatment of Matrix-Repatterning Therapy I felt so much better. After 2 treatments I was no longer in a fog. After 3 treatments I could finally concentrate again! I feel like a “normal” person. I would recommend this treatment for anyone that has experienced head trauma! Amazing work Andy! Kudos! 

(see full testimonials on our Testimonial Page)

 Levi B

Concussion Therapy Treatment 

In 2004 I sustained three different close-range concussive blast waves from roadside bombs in Iraq…   

After six Matrix Repatterning sessions with Dr. Stella, finally after all these years I feel “normal” again.  I am functioning at the level I was prior to the concussions. I am dominating life and it feels great.  

-- see full testimonial

 Sara B

Concussion Therapy Treatment 

My son, Joey, suffered a significant Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in January, 2011. He was 11 years old and was at hockey practice and he was knocked over which resulted in Joey taking the entire fall to the back of his head… he did not want to interact with friends or family. Joey spent most of his time alone in his room… he felt that no one believed his headache pain was real… 

I strongly feel that Matrix Repatterning Therapy alleviated Joey’s chronic headache that was the result of his TBI. It was life changing for Joey… For that, I am forever grateful.  

-- see full testimonial

 Sherry S

Concussion Therapy Treatment 

In March, 2011, I fell on the ice in front of my home. I lay there, unconscious, for 20 to 25 minutes… For THREE years I lived with bad balance problems, brain fog, headaches at least twice per week, and flashing in my left eye. After going to a neurologist and my medical doctors, I found no help…

By the 5th treatment [with Dr. Stella] I was over all of the side effects and I had my life back… the treatments are very gentle. In fact, I often found myself going to sleep. I will always be grateful to a Dr. that has brought me back my life. Thank you Dr. Stella!

-- see full testimonial

 Jill S

Concussion Therapy Treatment 

In February of 2011, I was in a car accident. My car was totaled… I experienced short term memory loss and wasn’t able to process about 1 in 10 words that I heard. I tried regular doctors and chiropractors but didn’t have success… My symptoms continued for four months, and I started to despair of being pain-free… 

An extraordinary chiropractor I had success with in California mentioned Certified Matrix Repatterning… I found Dr. Stella on the Internet… The treatments themselves were pleasant, easy and relaxing… After about 4 weeks, the headaches stopped, my thinking cleared up, and I was fully myself again… I am so grateful for Dr. Stella’s help. 

-- see full testimonial

Every concussion is different, and there are some cases we do not help as much as others. There are many factors involved in concussion care and healing, some of which are in the patients’ control (like appropriate brain rest). But, as Dr. Doidge understands after an in depth, hands on personal investigation of this work, relieving the physical strain pattern is primary. 

If, when that is done (for most clients, somewhere between 6 and 10 one hour treatments, and sometimes more for very difficult complex cases), there are still symptoms or deficits that need to be attended to, we are, of course, eager to refer you to some of the excellent neurological concussion rehabilitation centers in our area.

Watch Dr. Stella's.Concussion Video