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Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) Precautions

By Andy Stella, DC, CMRP

At Matrix Repatterning of MN, we are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our patients during these unprecedented times. 

Dr. Barbara and Dr. Andy would like to update you on the precautions we are taking at our office in relation to the Coronavirus. We are currently planning on staying open and planning on using hygienic practices to minimize risk. Like you, we are evaluating the situation hour by hour and day by day and will post changes if and when they happen.

The CDC has given us some guidelines to work with.

First, starting Friday, March 13, 2020 we will be spraying our tabletops with an appropriate CDC recommended disinfection solution between every client. We will do our best to work with a solution that is not offensive to clients that have chemical sensitivities. Since this is a small office there are not many surfaces for people to touch before getting into the treatment rooms, but we will be paying closer attention to disinfecting doorknobs, pens, etc., during this time. We know many of you will be using safer practices also in relation to what and how you touch such things in public places. Of course, stay home if you are sick, have been near someone with Covid-19 illness or suspect symptoms.

Dr. Barbara and I will also be taking a moment between each client to wash our hands thoroughly.

MRT, Hand sanitizer will also be available in the waiting room and both treatment rooms. We will both have surface digital thermometers to check all client’s temperatures and will reschedule clients that show an elevated temperature according to CDC guidelines of what constitutes a risk. We will monitor our temperatures daily as well in support of a low risk healthy environment. The bathroom key holder has been changed so it can be sterilized between each use and at the beginning and end of the day. 

Again, we are a small clinic with not many people coming through due to our one patient per hour scheduling. With cancellations due to Coronavirus issues there are even less people than usual coming through our clinic. Psychologists in our building are mostly doing web-based therapy now and other office workers are mostly staying home. There is very little traffic in and out of our building at this point. 

Most often, our clients find they are in the waiting room by themselves and are rarely sharing it with more than one or two others. If there is another person in the waiting room, 6-foot distancing is available with our seating arrangement. Unlike medical clinics, we are not attracting numbers of people waiting for infection care. We will leave our front office door open while we are here Monday to Friday. That may differ on Saturday, but we expect all of us are using safe practices as we do negotiate the little that is left for us to negotiate outside our own homes.

We fully respect each person’s desire to minimize their risk if they need to cancel appointments during this time, but we will be doing our best to minimize any risk attached to your visit here. 

The one area where we cannot practice what is being recommended by the government at this time is the 6-foot social distancing. We have been continuing to learn new and best information about Coronavirus spread. Coronavirus is primarily spread through contaminated surfaces that we touch. There is very little spread through the air unless a contaminated person were to cough or sneeze on you within that 6-foot prescribed area. So, as surfaces and hands become the issue, we are being diligent with both and are able to continue to do so due to the low volume of people coming through our clinic and our building.

As alternative care providers we would be remiss if we did not recommend that you take care of your immune system with healthy lifestyle and food choices and taking appropriate Vitamin D and C supplementation or food sources during this season when our Vitamin D stores at their lowest. These are minimum recommendations that may help us minimize risk. 


Andy Stella DC and Barbara Rosamilia DC 

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