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All First-Time New Clients Must Call Our Office to Schedule at (651) 493-9650.

"Because of Matrix Repatterning Therapy, I now live with amazing range of motion in my neck, torso and pelvis"

If you have seen Dr. Stella or Dr. Rosamilia previously, please click on the schedule link below to schedule your appointment.

 No matter what caused your condition - work, sports, recreation or something else - we welcome the chance to serve you. 


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How many visits will I need? 

We will, of course, have to do a consultation and examination first before we determine how many visits you will need. Simpler adult cases may need 6 or 7 one-hour treatments and more complex cases may need 11 or 12. Very complex cases with high levels of impact injuries may certainly need more.

How often do I need to come in?

Unlike other forms of care, MRT is not dependent on frequency. Most clients come in once per week and others more or less frequently depending on scheduling and financial factors. We’ve seen plenty of people who have scheduled every two or three weeks to be able to afford the work or because that is what the schedule allows.

Does it hurt to receive MRT?

MRT is very gentle hands-on bodywork therapy. Most clients, at first, find it hard to believe that such gentle treatment can make important changes in your body. However, it makes a profound change in your body as it relieves deep underlying tension patterns in your body and it can lead to temporary pain patterns as your body adjusts to the changes after treatment. 

How is your work different than other forms of concussion care?

Remember, a concussion is an impact injury. We work on the premise that the impact injury had to change something physically for things to have changed. In other words, in order to have symptoms something had to change when the head impact happened. We call it a physical strain pattern and we relieve that strain pattern with a gentle, hands on technique that alleviates deep tension 


from impact. Dr. Norman Doidge, MD, renowned expert in brain neuroplasticity, recommends MRT as a “first intervention for most concussions” after he did a thorough personal investigation of this work. Other forms of concussion care are generally working on the symptoms of concussion. We, and Dr Doidge, say, relieve the physical strain pattern first.

Do you accept insurance as a form of payment?

No. This is a one-time (series of treatments) investment in transforming your chronic patterns or concussion. Treating one client per hour and a few people per day does not allow us to accept an arbitrary form of payment for services. Insurance reimbursement is arbitrary and we cannot make up for arbitrary reimbursement by seeing more clients per hour. And we do not desire the necessity for higher fee’s to make up for the time and cost of tracking down insurance reimbursement. HAS’s’s and Cafeteria Plans generally reimburse for this therapy. You may submit receipts for insurance, but as an alternative therapy, reimbursement rates are minimal and arbitrary.

May I come in and try a few visits?

We fully recognize that it is a tough decision to invest in a therapy without understanding or experiencing it. MRT, by its nature of relieving tension step by step in the frame of the body, is not designed to bring step by step results. By relieving just a little of the tension in the frame of a musical instrument, for instance, you would not be able to judge the ultimate outcome by an incomplete job. It is the same with MRT. Getting paid to treat people a few times and not helping them is not our goal. However, making a living by finishing and transforming and changing lives is a joy!

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Take 35W North or 394 East to 94 East towards St. Paul. Once you pass the Huron Ave exit, get into the left lane for left lane exit to Hwy 280. Immediately bear right onto the University Ave. exit. Proceed straight through Franklin Ave and University Ave, then make your next right onto Territorial Rd. Make a right onto Territorial Road and proceed 2/10 mile to Baker Court Office Building parking lot on your left just before you get to Raymond Ave. 

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Take 94 East to Hwy 280. Exit onto 280 and immediately bear right onto the University Ave. exit. Proceed straight through Franklin Ave and University Ave, then make your next right onto Territorial Rd. Make a right onto Territorial Road and proceed 2/10 mile to Baker Court Office Building parking lot on your left just before you get to Raymond Ave.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Please note that payment is due at the time of your visit. We accept Credit and Debit Cards, H.A.S. Cards, Checks and Cash. We do not accept insurance as payment, nor do we bill insurance.


~ Mentoring/Consulting for Certified Matrix Practitioners -- call Dr. Stella for more information at 651-493-9650

Dr. Andy Stella, DC, CMRP: First visit – 2 Hours - $200.00 For First Time Visit 

Dr. Andy Stella, DC, CMRP: Subsequent visits – 1 Hour - $200.00 For Each One Hour Visit 

Dr. Barbara Rosamilia, DC, CMRP: First visit – 2 Hours – $150.00

Dr. Barbara Rosamilia, DC, CMRP: Subsequent Visits – 1 Hour – $150.00


Why We Do Not Accept Insurance as Payment


At the Matrix Repatterning Therapy Center of Minnesota, where we schedule only one person per hour, receiving an arbitrary form of payment for services would not allow us to stay in business. Insurance reimbursement, even for covered services, unfortunately is arbitrary. 


“Matrix Repatterning Therapy is a one-time investment in one’s health.”


Matrix Repatterning Therapy is a one-time investment in one’s health. For most of our clients it helps them save a great deal of time and money moving forward after care is finished. 


Our focus is on providing excellent care for appropriate conditions (we pre-screen all clients over the phone, so feel free to call and ask) and have found, throughout our 31 year careers, that insurance company involvement forces a higher volume of patients due to the arbitrary reimbursement which often dictates care decisions from people that are not trained clinicians. 


Most HSA’s (Health Savings Accounts) and Cafeteria type plans cover care at our clinic. 


821 Raymond Ave, Suite 260, Saint Paul, MN 55114